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When creating a piece of art, there are many things one needs to remember. What does my art convey? The artist may ask Will my art give...

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DenningXFEH Protagonist
(I am not sorry)
    After a brutal round at the Arena Duels, your whole team was beat, but proud. Five Star Hector bulldozed the competition out there, with Takumi, who worked together well with the axe wielder to take out the hordes of regular knights. Merric helped with range, and absolutely wiped the floor with his Growing Wind ability. You could even perhaps say it blew away the competition.
    But none worked harder than your new recruit - Denning. He wasn’t as high leveled as your other five outta fives - he was only just introduced to the mobile game as a special event mission. For the sake of experience points, you beat both the normal and hard modes, which while nearly killing you inside, brought to you a sense of satisfaction by the end when you earned him. Now being a 3 star - a commoner of the bunch, he wasn’t exactly an all star like the rest of them, and at times he fell behind. His stats were a
:iconorangmingodthekiller:orangmingodthekiller 1 0
persona 5 self insert chapter 1 a new school of tr
  tim was being transferred because of his depression to a new school and he hurt a man and he sued. then he arrive din his town but his phone was giggling at him meniacllly tim screamed in moanation. he then deleted the app and ran away severely. tom then made it to his caretaker mett. mett greeted him "DICK" tim screamed in delight as mett was giving the customers at his restaurant for support. Mett really needed money so he told tom to clean the room in his ouse since he couldn't stay in mett's house. Tim was a fucking peasant and he cried as he cleaned up his room. Mett came upstairs and slapped tim upside the head. "ouch!" tim then went to sleep and mett slept on tim's face. the next day came and Mett told tim that he was gonna go to school and stuff. ice cream cone principal, tiddy karma started licking tim and tim cried and ran away which got him in more trouble, hsi caretaker mett started punching him in the throat and it made tim bleed. They then went home and got stuck i
:iconorangmingodthekiller:orangmingodthekiller 1 1
chad goes to eat a chocolate bar
one day on a dark day he had a chocolate bar and then he was struck by lightning god oulcuouldntl save him so he died and charlie cried.
then he sawryuji and put a lemon in his throat then ryuji lemmoned chad up and they had some fun times.
:iconorangmingodthekiller:orangmingodthekiller 1 0
chad worships
:iconorangmingodthekiller:orangmingodthekiller 1 3
morgana is daddy by orangmingodthekiller morgana is daddy :iconorangmingodthekiller:orangmingodthekiller 1 0 Pufferfish and the Pancake Machine? by Z0RDIC Pufferfish and the Pancake Machine? :iconz0rdic:Z0RDIC 9 3 Septiceye Sam x The Puff king by SyrinxPriest2112 Septiceye Sam x The Puff king :iconsyrinxpriest2112:SyrinxPriest2112 15 2 Warholian Tribute by DivineError Warholian Tribute :icondivineerror:DivineError 247 153 Melting by manfartwish Melting :iconmanfartwish:manfartwish 10 1 Fanart for puffer15 by Anna-Chan-Love Fanart for puffer15 :iconanna-chan-love:Anna-Chan-Love 6 1



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Pufferfish are awesome, so are gladiators and sugar cookies....and long walks on the beach.....and no I'm not gay.


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